Sentinel World®

Urban and Rural Community Simulations

Sentinel World® is the only suite of community simulations available for faculty to use in community and public health or other nursing courses. Comprised of our award-winning educational nursing simulations, Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town®, it includes diverse environments, assessments and assignments providing a comprehensive learning environment for students. 

  • Prepares students for activities in their local environments
  • Exposes students to environments similar to & different than their
    local communities
  • Is great for compare & contrast assignments
  • Includes 24/7 student & faculty support with ample resource materials
  • Provides practice experience and simulated clinical hours
  • Diverse environments and interactive citizens prepare students to work anywhere, in any community

Sentinel World® provides diverse simulated communities and a comprehensive learning environment for students in community and public health or other nursing programs.

Find out if Sentinel World® can benefit your nursing program today!

Want more info on Sentinel City® and Sentinel Town™? Watch the videos below.

Sentinel City® Video


Sentinel Town™ Video